For Immediate Release

November 21st, 2019


Baltimore, MD: The Board of Directors of B & L Sales, Incorporated is pleased to announce the appointment of Thomas D. Lekas as the CEO and President of the Company. Mr. Lekas issued the following statement: “I intend to steer the business of   B & L in the same upward direction that we have enjoyed for many years. I want to continue the stable growth policies of my father, Jim Lekas and now my brother, Mitch.”

Tom Lekas has been with B & L since 1976.


The Board of Directors also announced very happily the appointment of Michael Davis as the Executive Vice President of the Company. “I am delighted to accept the role of EVP,” said Mr. Davis. “I am looking forward to working with Tom Lekas, and I want to assure our dedicated employees as well as our loyal customers that Tom and I will continue the best traditions of our Company for the welfare of our employees and the success of our customers.” Mike has been with the Company since 1987.


The Board of Directors is also pleased to announce that Jeff Freeman has been appointed Vice President of Sales and Charles Rosenthal has been appointed Vice President of Finance. Jeff has more than 30 years with B & L and brings an enormous amount of experience. Charles has over 30 years of financial experience in Automotive Aftermarket Distribution.


The Company Legacy continues as we continue to grow. This year marks B & L’s 70th anniversary. Ted Berger and Pete Lekas founded the Company in 1949.


The Board of Directors intends to support fully the Company’s management.


For further information, please contact Mike Davis at 410-952-0373 or